“I’m a full-time employee who has mostly worked in the office...until now. I need support as I adapt to the new normal.”

“I’ve worked from home off and on for a long time, but now that it’s a full-time (and maybe even forever) thing, I need more...especially more resources, advice, and connections.”

“I lead a team and am looking for new ways to build morale...and effectiveness… as remote work remains the reality.”

“I’m ready to push my company forward as a standard bearer for a remote work-first future.”

Any of this resonate with you? Remotely is for you!

Whatever the level of support, education, and connection you’re looking for, we’ve got your back! Here’s to your continued success and bright future in the remote work life.

A Professional Development Network

First and foremost, Remotely is a Professional Development Network. More than an online community or a social network, we are bringing together a passionate group of people who wish to AIM Higher in all they do.

To improve our lives and the world by improving our ability to work well together, Remotely.

To pursue mastery, together. To learn , grow, and prosper together.

Education and Training

Every week we pledge to educate you and keep you informed of emerging practices and standards for making remote work, better for everyone. We will do this through a combination of articles, conversations with other members, and live events.

Over the coming months we will partner with trusted leaders to offer the educational courses that will improve your ability to work, or lead teams, remotely. To stand out from others in your organization, or others searching for employment, or others searching for contract work.

The cornerstone of this offering will be the RemoteReady Training and Certification program, which we will develop over the coming months. Our goal is to become the leading provider of remote work and colalborative productivity training. To produce the most capable and trustworthy remote workers, leaders, and organizations in the world.

Consulting Services

While we are quite busy, there is nothing like learning from doing. With over 25 years of consulting experience on the cutting edge of technological change, we can work with you to navigate this time of change to make your company one of the best Rremote Places to Work.

Remote Workforce Policies Assesment

High Performance Remote Teams Workshop

RemoteReady Training Pilot

We are currently seeking two corporate partners to pilot our RemoteReady training program. If you are interested in talking, please contact us for more information.

The RemoteReadyCouncil is for top employer brands.

"For the first time in our history, we have the language necessary to easily seize the opportunity from the turmoil. We've been talking about eBusiness, Social Business, and the Future of Work for over twenty years. Unfortunately, what we don't have is enough evidence to prove what works in which contexts for which types of companies. This is why we have formed the RemoteReady Council, to fund the necessary research into the policies, practices, and standards for remote work that lead to the greatest success. Don't just watch history unfold, be a leader of the independent body that will write it."

Chris Heuer
Founder, CEO

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