On October 6 I hosted a webinar to share my top media training tips. Remotely members can access it here.

Part of the secret to mastering your media engagements is to be very very clear on your purpose and your message, it’s at the center of why you’re doing any such engagement. 

But part of the secret is understanding what a reporter’s general approach and tools of the trade are too.

In this presentation, I tried to help you live in the tension between those two sets of intentions and give you tips on how not to let it throw you.

At the end is some bonus content on leveraging these tips to have more civil and hopefully productive conversations with people who disagree with you. And for a few tips on shaping your message into a speaker submission that will appeal to organizers (like I used to be).

Want to see the full webinar and listen to the full interview? Access our other webinars? Consider joining Remotely today. 

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