Welcome to the Island, as they say.  We are looking at frightening new Coronavirus statistics and the real possibility that we’ll soon be in much more restrictive conditions as lock-downs and curfews are on the horizon. So time for Five From The Island.

This week we explore some interesting perspectives on what changes when you work outside an office, in terms of work location and engagement, WE also re-visit the concerning trend (still in the minority) of large firms contemplating monitoring employees remotely, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that remote work, is working. And speaking of validation, we share a fantastic report that lays out what is working about Remote, which is, well, a lot!  

In management, there’s a lot to cover, from “how to identify your team’s remote working style,” including some great ways to view styles and temperaments, to a great piece with suggestions about how to manage a hybrid team, which is going to be an essential part of working life in 2021 and beyond. 

And as you read this from your “Island” don’t fear, we have 3 fun bonus articles for you;  the first is a somewhat surprising (though distractingly seductive) report of Hawaii changing from their protective “don’t bother to come” status and soliciting remote workers to consider the Islands.  This author is sorely tempted…..   We include an early link to the NORAD Santa tracker, for those who will be up all night assembling 1000 piece toys…. And finally, an incredible addition to the transparent kayak… a transparent Stand Up Paddle board… which this author is definitely going to get for next Summer’s time spent at Lake Tahoe. 

That’s it, folks. Stay HOME and if you go outdoors near any humans, wear a mask and be careful. 

1. What changes when you work outside an office? Blogger Vinko Vrsalovic shares a unique time and space axis and some great observations about your work location, set-up, and engagement habits.

2. One In Five employers in the UK are using or plan to use software to monitor employees working remotely. A survey of large company remote workers in the UK revealed some interesting surprises, including strong affirmation of the benefits enjoyed by both workers and their employers, and also an ominous trend, still in the minority, of large employers seeking to monitor employees from their homes.

3. A fantastic report on “Is remote Work Working?” With a resounding “Heck yes!” You can read the full report here.

4. How to identify your team’s remote work style. Determining how your employees work best can take your productivity to the next level. This is a great perspective of Social Styles including: Drivers, Expressives, Amiables, Analytics…

5. How to Manage a Hybrid Team (HBR). Some hard-hitting guidance for leaders including a great short list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Bonus #1: Hawaii seeks to be seen as remote workplace with a view

Bonus #2: NORAD Santa Tracker

Bonus #3: Transparent Stand-Up Paddle Board. This author is seriously getting one for this Summer’s time at Lake Tahoe.

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