In this week’s Five from the Island we begin by adding Amazon to the growing list of large employers extending work-from-home into mid-2021 and perhaps beyond.  Following up on the buzz around workers relocating to less expensive zip codes to work-from-home, we cover the “ZoomTown” boom in the West.  Look in the bonus items at the end to explore 10 affordable suburbs that have a city vibe for young people.

Getting back to basics, we bring you 8 tips for working effectively from home, gathered at the World Economic Summit.  

In management skills and resources, there are some great ideas about how to find a mentor when you’re remote, as well as some valuable tips on that ever-so-delicate task of proving high-EQ feedback when you can’t be in the same room with a co-worker, boss or direct report.

Our bonus section is overflowing this week, starting with the shameless plug to go out and vote, no matter your political leanings.  

In a follow-up to the “ZoomTown” item, we enclose a wonderful article about 10 suburbs you may want to check out.  

We have two financial items as well (one serious, one whimsical) as a companion piece to the recent Remotely webinar “Financial Considerations of Working From Home” which touches on some of the new tax code, with links and resources about write-offs, including home-office expenses. 

Finally, if your company reimbursement policy doesn’t include providing a photo of the item in question, we’ve provide a link to an undersea-themed work table that you’re sure to want.

1. Amazon is the latest large employer to extend work-from-home through the middle of 2021

2. “ZoomTowns” are exploding in the West. And many cities aren’t ready for the onslaught.

3. 8 Tips gathered at the Jobs Reset Summit 2020 conference. Advice for working from home.

4. How to Find a Mentor When You’re Working Remotely

5. Giving feedback remotely. Here are 5 practices for giving feedback remotely that help encourage behavior change even at a distance.

Bonus 1: Shameless plug urging everyone to vote. Get your plan together.

Bonus 2: 10 affordable suburbs that have city vibes

Bonus 3: Following up on our Webinar conversation about financial considerations of working from home. Not so fast on those home office deductions … can I deduct home office expenses while I’m working from home? It depends.

Bonus 4: If your employer’s furniture reimbursements don’t require photos. Italian Artist Daniela Forti Creates Mesmerizing Glass Tables That Look Like Jellyfish.

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