This week we explore how we think about offices, sober reminders that a number of leaders in large companies are still resistant to long term remote working, to some good news about how visionary companies are recognizing remote as a permanent pillar and creating new positions to manage and improve. We include an article that has an ominous warning about what we call “zero trust” management, which ends up with some wonderful suggestions and a checklist to help us be “the opposite” of zero trust and help motivate and connect our teams with positive and trust-building habits.

We round out the collection with some great tips about team collaboration and communication, including some “not lame” ice breakers for those awkward team meetings or working group sessions, and also to practice high EQ ways of being human and authentic across the computer screen. We have a bonus item this week that is a thought-provoking piece on re-imagining remote work from FastCompany.

Finally we stumbled across a fun and cool way to put a white board on any smooth surface… your fridge, counter top, window or even the floor!  

Cheers and have a great week.

1. This week’s Five:The office is dead. Long live the office.

Kim-Mai Cutler shares how HelloOffice CEO Justin Bedecarre sees commercial tenants crafting spaces post-COVID

2. Culture is what you make it.

(Blackrock CEO) Larry Fink laments eroding corporate culture in work-at-home era By Annie Massa

3. Hot new job title in a pandemic: ‘Head of remote work’

Jena McGregor shares another sign work from home is here to stay: Companies are hiring executives to lead the virtual work experience

4. This Company’s Approach to Remote Work Is the Worst Justin Bariso Has Ever Seen

This company measures productivity not on results, but on how much time you spend clicking buttons.

5. Remote Work: A Manager’s Guide for Better Check-ins

Anne McSilver put together quick guide to help you feel more comfortable with the conversation habit—especially during periods of challenge and change.


It’s time to build a more thoughtful work-from-home strategy and for a happy distraction, check out think boards as they make any surface your creative canvas or reminder/task list.

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