This week we continue to cover CEO philosophy and opinions about remote work, including leaders like Slack’s Stewart Butterfield. Trust emerges again as an essential component in remote working, especially in performance management. 

We follow the impact of workers choosing to relocate, including an article about top tech companies falling into line with pay cuts for relocation to a less costly region. That said, rent rates are dropping so fast in big cities like San Francisco, it may not be necessary to move for many, if they can renegotiate their rent.

And finally, we see more discussion around the need in organizations for a “director of remote work” (and learn a new term called “Taylorism.”)

We leave you with two bonus articles; one about the boon in dog adoptions during the pandemic, making every office a dog-friendly office!  And in case you’re wondering what life would have been like with video meetings way back when; we link to a short video about AT&T’s “failed” VideoPhone from… 1964, and how it nearly resulted in a 1960s version of the internet as we know it today.

Have a great weekend. Remember to vote early if you can.

1. Slack’s CEO on why tech companies have to make peace with permanent remote work. Is there a Slack emoji for the world changing forever?

2. Trust Is Key For Performance Management When Working Remotely

3. Silicon Valley cuts pay for workers fleeing high cost region to work remotely.

4. S.F. rent prices plunge as much as 31% — steepest decline in U.S., new report says

5. Why your business may need a director of remote work. “Dynamic working involves breaking down the remaining blocks of Taylorism.” 

Bonus 1: Dog adoptions and sales soar during the pandemic. Shelters, rescues and breeders report increased demand as Americans try to fill voids with canine companion

Bonus 2: Zoom’s ancestor revealed. The AT&T PicturePhone from… 1964 and how it almost resulted in an early version of the Internet. We test drove one in the mid 1970s at Disneyland. Yes it was cool! 

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