This week we explore how video can break down hierarchies at work, and some more tips from a longtime pro about how to excel at working from home. An expert shares the latest thinking and best practices about showcasing yourself for that promotion or next job, and a surprising article about how Gen-Z bucks the trend in preference for working at the office….it’s not what you think. 

Finally, we continue to share important information from security pros and CTOs about safety and security when working remotely. Plus our usual Bonus items.

1. Remote Work Can Actually Flip the Power Dynamic With Your Boss. Video can break down hierarchies by bringing people into each other’s worlds more fully so says Angela Lashbrook

2. Working from home is awesome. Jessica Roy shares how we can excel at it

3. How To Update Your Resume And Cover Letter For Remote Work During Covid-19. Here are five ways to make both your resume and cover letter stand out and increase your chances of being selected for an interview. Thanks to Ashira Prossack for the tips!

4. Gen Z really wants to get back to the office. It’s not necessary what you think by Fiona Zublin.

5. Corporate TIPS: Staying Vigilant In Your Remote Work Environment. The folks at Brouse McDowell want you to remember there are Cybercriminals lurking on the internet

Bonus #1: A new Google Assistant feature, ‘Hold for Me,’ waits on hold so you don’t have to. Thinking this just might be a handy little feature.

Bonus #2: Apple employees will soon be rocking clear face masks designed in-house. The company plans to distribute ClearMasks and one of its own design in the coming weeks. (I want one of these please!)

Bonus #3: ‘Close to 100% accuracy’: Helsinki airport uses sniffer dogs to detect Covid. Researchers running a Helsinki pilot scheme say dogs can identify virus in seconds. If we ever resume flying in earnest, perhaps these amazing dogs will make it safer for all of us.

Stay safe and well. This evening the NYT reported that President Trump, the First Lady, and other White House staff have been reported as Positive for the COVID-19 virus. Wear your masks. Be safe and be cautious. And most importantly, take a moment to be grateful that you are working, safe, and healthy. 

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