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#ZoomGalleryDiscussion: Remote Meetings, WTF? or FTW?

October 20, 2020 @ 11:00 am PDT

Running Remote Meetings

Meetings were already bad in the real world, and in the hybrid conference room with remote participants, those working remotely often had little to no say or power. They weren’t in the room; they weren’t able to interact and communicate with their body language and weren’t able to interject easily. Now, many of our meetings are happening in Zoom or other conferencing technology, with many disastrous and many phenomenal outcomes.

Join us in a full #ZoomGalleryDiscussion around remote meetings, how to make them more effective, and how to produce results while fully engaging your team and benefiting from the value everyone on the team can bring.

In speaking to a few remote team managers recently, there often isn’t enough thought or preparation going into convening a team for a live meeting. This often leads to the most dastardly feeling of having wasted one’s time, which breaks down trust in the leadership and the organization itself. They have also shared some tales of great success, applying original insights in unique ways. As such, we are gathering to share insights on the best practices of running meetings and running meetings remotely.

This #ZoomGalleryDiscussion will be lead by Chris Heuer, who is not only Remotely’s founder, but also a trained facilitator in many different live events for communities, groups, and teams. He will share a preview of our work for the Running Remote Meetings Workshop.


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