As we Launch Remotely at this important time in history, it’s fortunate that one of our first webinars was with our dear friend Lee LeFever, who just released his second book “Big Enough”. In it, he chronicles the decisions he and his partner Sachi made as they scaled their business, and purposefully right sized it to the lifestyle they wanted.

You don’t need to build the next unicorn to be successful in business. Success is something you can measure for yourself, not necessarily by the standards of others. For Lee, a big pile of money wasn’t the inspiration or the pursuit, but his happiness and quality of life was at the center of his pursuit and his decision-making process.

If you are trying to figure out what you want, and how you are going to find your way to living “the good life”, Big Enough will be a great read for you. If you are an entrepreneur who has been struggling with the pressures to keep growing your business, this is a book you must read. You have a choice. It’s not that you need to choose to have a smaller business, but rather that you have the freedom to choose what is right for you.

Lee’s company Common Craft, was at the forefront of “Explainer Videos”, landing Google Docs as their 2nd client. All of a sudden, the possibilities really opened up and they had to mindfully consider what sort of business model they would pursue, whether they would become a big agency, a digital product, or a platform. Realizing that quality of life was their primary share holder value, with them being the shareholders, they pursued a number of experiments to maximize their potential revenue and minimize the complexities and costs that would come from being a larger business.

One day, Lee was looking at his calendar and realizing he had one custom video after another ahead of him. He sat down with his partner Sachi and chose to pursue another business model that would enable him to have more free time. That’s the day they chose that they would be big enough, to meet their personal goals, to live the life they want. That’s what lead them to create what they call the “Monetorium”, choosing to stop spending money on certain things to minimize expenses and accomplish a key life goal.

If you are an entrepreneur, or want to become one, pick up a copy of “Big Enough” and invest yourself in figuring out what you really value, what you really want, and how you can create a business that is big enough for your life. Learn from Lee’s experiences and insights, and find the path to a business that is big enough for you.

In this webinar, Lee shares more details from his personal life in a personal interview with Chris Heuer. Not just getting into the stories from the book, but the practical advice that we all need to find more enjoyment in our life, to find more time to experience joy in our life. His most important piece of advice for those seeking to build a business that is big enough – “being able to say no”. While it is often difficult to do, mastering it is key to your freedom.

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