It is still going to be a few months before we get the whole RemoteReady training and certification together, but the concepts at the heart of our effort continue to reveal themselves through the work of others. In particular, there is a great deal of commonality with the work of wise authors such as Karen Mangia. Karen recently published “Working From Home: Making the New Normal Work for You”, and we will be talking with her live on Friday October 16 at 1pm PT.

This also is early validation of our belief that there are a handful of common behaviors, activities, skills, mindsets and policies that differentiate a successful and unsuccessful experience of remote work.  While we are going to confirm this further with research from the RemoteReady Council and our new Think Tank, I am very excited to speak with her about her book, the impact her advice is having on readers, and what other related insights she didn’t get into the book.

Of note, “Working From Home” includes advice on how to improve your home office space and how to create “personalized time management routines tailored for remote productivity, impact, and balance.” A practical implementation of our thoughts around the mindful consideration of Life-Work Boundaries. Not only the physical kind, but the temporal variety – the boundaries we commit to with our calendars.

She also provides some excellent advice for creating impact through virtual presentations and furthering your career with expert communication strategies. At the core of being RemoteReady, is the ability to communicate clearly, not only for impact in the moment, but for creating alignment, setting expectations, and building trust.

As you can see, this isn’t only about working better remotely, it is about working smarter together. It is about improving your collaborative productivity, so you can get more done, with others, with less stress and more joy. This is the essence of a RemoteReady Leader, this is what Karen Mangia’s book is already teaching others.

So join us on Friday for our conversation with Karen Mangia discussing her Book, “Working From Home” and getting an introduction to our principles for being RemoteReady”. The participant with the best question for Karen will receive a free copy of her book, courtesy of Remotely. 

Get a ticket to join the Zoom and ask questions on our event calendar website. Register.


WFH Headshot Karen MangiaKaren Mangia is an internationally-recognized thought leader whose TEDx appearance, keynotes, blogs and books reach hundreds of thousands of business leaders each year. She is the author of Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work for You (Wiley), Listen Up! How to Tune in to Customers and Turn Down the Noise (Wiley) and also Success With Less (Marie Street Press). A prolific blogger and sought-after media interview, she has been featured in Forbes and regularly contributes to Thrive Global and ZDNet.

As Vice President of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce , she engages current and future customers around the world to discover new ways of creating success and growth together. She serves on the company’s Work from Home Taskforce, where she is helping the company’s 50,000+ worldwide employees to better adapt to a work-from-home environment. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, she also serves on the company’s Racial Equality and Justice Taskforce. Prior to Salesforce, she spearheaded Customer Satisfaction and Experience at Cisco Systems.

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