Remote work should, and can, work for all.

Remotely's mission is to provide the essential resources, training, and mentorship we all need to achieve life and work goals, so we can learn, grow, and prosper together.

We host a private member community that offers a RemoteReady curriculum via webinars, courses, and masterminds. We evangelize remote work and its financial and societal value.

We’re also leading efforts to standardize best practices for remote work culture by convening The RemoteReady Council of leaders in the space and conducting first-party research.

Learn more about Remotely and how we can support you.


Remotely was co-founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, community builders, content and curriculum developers, and corporate leaders. We have successfully built trust, fostered creative collaboration, and helped our teams stay on track and on task across time zones. languages, and customs. We’ve also founded and grown social enterprises that reached the far corners of the world, touching millions of people and shaping the course of history.

We are your partners in building your own new careers, customs and cultures.

Chris Heuer

Chris Heuer

Founder, CEO

Chris is a leading voice of the digital revolution, globally recognized futurist, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, startup advisor, facilitator, professor, and consultant. In addition to launching over a dozen companies and digital agencies over the years, Chris spent more than two years as a game-changer with Deloitte Consulting, where he helped launch Deloitte Digital and was a leader of their Social Business efforts. As a futurist, Chris has been a pioneer in online community, personalized customer experiences, new media, eCommerce, government 2.0, web 2.0, social media, influencer relations, and the future of work.
Kristie Wells

Kristie Wells

Founder, Head of Community

Kristie is a versatile, tech-savvy marketing and customer experience professional who help organizations build stronger relationships with customers that lead to greater lifetime value. From this relationship+revenue perspective, she helps position and activate the brand’s story in a meaningful way to build a genuine sense of community, improved loyalty, and greater customer advocacy. She has developed influencer programs for brands such as Lenovo and Southwest Airlines, led international digital marketing efforts for Ancestry.com and she has established marketing departments for numerous technology startups.
Elisa Camahort Page

Elisa Camahort Page

Founding Advisor

Known as the co-founder and COO of grassroots-movement-turned-pioneering-global-women’s-media-company BlogHer, Inc. and author of Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All, Elisa is a writer and public speaker who consults with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and organizational leadership at inflection points when they want and need to get unstuck and start transforming ideas and intentions into action. Elisa’s guiding principle is that Innovation+Empathy>Innovation+Efficiency.
Matt Weeks

Matt Weeks

Founding Advisor

Matt is an experienced, successful serial startup entrepreneur, corporate whisperer and growth hacker. His experience in building solutions and companies and leading teams spans large financial institutions to Fintech, to payment systems to healthcare IT, informatics and predictive modeling, blockchain, AI and analytics systems. He currently leads a healthcare IT company as co-founder and investor, and sits on the board of several companies, as well as a not-for-profit and an international money transfer company (social impact), and mentors several startup ceos and founders.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long time community organizers and early social network advocates, we felt that there had to be a better way to build a supportive community for passionate professionals. Looking at the options out there, we found a lot of inspiration, but nothing quite like what we had in mind.

So we started working on reinventing the "Guild" model, leveraging our work on modernizing Associations over the last decade plus and moving beyond simple social networks. We landed on professional development network as a descriptive way to describe what we do.

Holding a safe space where people can learn, grow, and prosper together. With a greater emphasis on self-directed personal development, supported by a community of others also committed to the same pursuit of mastery. A mix of curricula, group coaching, live events, members only content, and conversations with peers is where we begin today.

In short, we believe that everyone deserves to get paid.

While there are some excellent free content sites and communities available, they are often in support of the sale of another product/service. It's totally cool that this is the case, but we wanted to provide a different sort of experience. We want to make something that is sustainable, that grows with members, and that provides real value day in and day out.

So instead of giving away snack sized bites of free advice and observations, we chose to give away as much as we can by charging a relatively small fee. We also realized that we can bundle together live events, group coaching and other methods of getting solutions to help you grow in such a way that the membership cost would be lower than the total value of the benefits and services we provide.

In short, it's just another, simpler and transparent way to accomplish our mission. We invite people who share our values, our desire for professional growth, and our passion for making remote work for everyone to go beyond vocal support, and to provide financial support in exchange for much greater value than you pay each month or each year.

RemoteReady is the name of our training program that is under development. We have formed the RemoteReady Council to work with organizations to research the best practices, standards and policies for leading remote/distributed organizations. With these leaders, and others from within our network, we will also be creating training that improves the collaborative productivity of remote workers and remote team leaders.

We are working on building the program as an accredited certification so that individuals may distinguish themselves from others as trustworthy and capable remote contributors and leaders in the same way that companies might show they are great remote work places.

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If you have any questions or interest in working together, please reach out to us through this simple form.

In addition to growing our professional development network, we are building out the RemoteReady Council and expanding our partner network for offering relevant discounts to our members.

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